What Others are Saying

Outstanding and ingenious. This is worth the world’s attention

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.

Thank you so much for all the valuable information you presented so passionately….Again, such a valuable presentation.


Phenomenal…by far the best seminar I attended at the conference.

L.P, Ph.D.


S.M., M.D.—Psychiatrist

If you ever play that ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ thing in your head, please know that mine would NOT be the same without my work with you.  Lord knows if I would ever have even given in to the ‘why bother continuing in this nothing but painful thing I’m calling life…..’    Well done Doc!!!!!”

G.L., Client

[You] helped change my life (well, my attitude, which started it all!!

V.W., Client

Dr. Pressman offers a variety of modalities that nurture changes in consciousness and has been a primary vehicle for my personal growth.  Over the years I have participated in “A Course in Miracles” group, breathwork workshops, weekend retreats and individual psychotherapy.  His dedicated, educated and compassionate work shows the passion he has for what he does–waking us up to the truth of who we really are.  I deeply value his presence in my life as I travel the road to self-discovery and inner peace.

J.M., Librarian,

Dr. Pressman’s work offers a rich mixture of psychology and spirituality, well blended and balanced.  He has sculpted my true self by his strokes of precise insight, gentle yet firm guidance, and compassion.

C.A., wife and mother

Dr. Pressman has helped me to redirect my energy and efforts in my business to achieve goals that were not only realistic but manageable and profitable.  These choices were also better suited to my personal life but, more importantly, truly reflected my inner self.  Thank you for the tremendous improvement in the quality of and substance of my life

J.P., Physician, Entrepeneur

Todd, I have been thinking of this since the meetup, one of your gifts that you generously shared so freely with us is your simple yet profound choice of words. Your language created deep connection. You know the power of words and how voice moves them within. You posses, have cultivated this rare gift. It is wonderful that you try and share new things such as the energy work AND your gift of expression/connection is rare, potent and profound, I hope it will remain a centerpiece in your work. Thank you again for sharing these gifts with me.

V. M., Seminar attendee

Todd, Thank you for today.  That was really a powerful experience for me.  Thanks for your generosity and patience in the way  you worked with each of us.  It was really a gift to get to do your workshop and meet you

MS, Mountain View, CA

Thanks so much for your presentation…. It was hands down the best hour and a half of the conference for me….Again, thank you for this framework; it’s one of the most exciting things I’ve come across in a long time.

G.S., Program manager for youth empowerment program

Excellent presentation…extremely helpful.


I LOVED the session.


Thanks for all your…help, understanding and friendship. You have had a most 

positive impact helping to restore the joy and meaning to my life.

H.W., Client

Ten years ago, I began a journey of discovery aided by the text of ‘A Course in Miracles’ and Todd Pressman’s remarkable insight into its meaning.  His incredibly astute and unusually intutive knowledge of human psychology has transformed my life and brought peace and joy to all my relationships…it has enabled me to see all of life, including its pain, through a new lens.

P.W., Vice President of Planning and Business Development for a major cancer hospital

We would encourage anyone that is experiencing issues in their relationship to contact Dr. Pressman.  His true compassion and desire to help us was evident from our first visit.  His counseling helpud us both to recognize the things that were causing problems for us in our relationship. Working with him has greatly strengthened our lives and relationship with each other and we would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for guidance and help.  Thank you!

N.P. and G.P., Cherry Hill, NJ

Dr. Pressman has given me practical tools for achieving peace and balance in my life.  I am grateful for his due diligence to life improvement.  His dedication to his patients is unmatched.

C.B.--School teacher

The Center for Management Excellence has helped me learn how to work smarter, not harder.  I consulted them as a small business owner faced with meeting the daily needs of staff and clients; there was little time left to meet my own needs.  As a result of my work with them, I am putting in half the hours and running a more productive business with happier staff and clients.  And, oh yes, I am a much happier employer and human being who is opening up to opportunities that I never knew existed.

BGK, Office Supply store

Todd’s compassion and insight has allowed me to look into the dark corners of my past and beat back the fears that have haunted me all my life.  With his reassuring guidance, I have been able to make great strides in living a less anxious and more loving life. Todd has a truly remarkable way of making you see and embrace your true, higher self. I appreciate you even more now that I put my feelings down.  I mean every word. Thank you for making a great difference in my live and the life of my family!

JN, VP for software

Life changing”–MR, Mountain View


So much amazing information!




Incredible presentation!…Thank you!


Thank you so much for speaking today, it was one of my favorite presentations of the entire [conference]….Thank you for your insight today!

M.P., Graduate student in Counseling

Mark S. and I speak of you with respect and appreciation for our class with you. You’re the “real deal” and I’m so happy our paths crossed.

LW, Workshop participant

My first encounter with Dr. Pressman was when I attended on of his workshops and quickly learned how kind, thoughtful, and informative he was.  His knowledge and understanding of the problems that were conveyed that evening convinced me that this was the place that I had been looking for.  I was not disappointed, and today I can honestly say that because of his work, I have walked through the fear and found peace.

A.F.. Reiki practitioner

When our marriage was greatly in need of repair, Dr. Pressman helped gently guide us to understanding and growth as a couple.  He helped us cultivate a relationship that allows us to express our emotional needs and communciate at a much more effective level.  Withou his guidance, intelligence,  and compassionate spirit, our marriage would not have endured life’s challenges.  We thank him!

G.A. and L.A., Mullica Hill, NJ

Dr. Pressman helped me see the positive and negative patterns in my life.  Understanding those patterns has been key to learning how to create positive changes for myself.  It’s enabled me, personally, to discover the tools necessary to find renewed energy, clarity and peace.  It’s been a life changing experience and I’m excited about what I’ve learned so far.

A.L., Professional Organizer

I learned a term a long time ago from a supervisor.  The term is “therapeutic personality”.  [You have] an exceptional case of that.  It describes the kind of person that “shakes your hand and says hello” and you feel better already!!

LK, Psychiatrist

You helped me get my life back on track….I would not have my husband or daughter if I hadn’t received care from you. Our work…has been a lifesaver…a heartfelt thank you for all you did, and continue to do, for me. I was drowning when we met, but now I can swim….For that, you have my sincere gratitude

MA, mother, wife, person on the path

I found your workshop very, very helpful.  You have done a lot of important work to get to the root of the problem(s) we all face.  Thank you!”–KB, Mountain View,


    CD Programs

Todd Pressman has the exceptional ability to teach the deepest principles of how to know and grow yourself.  He does it in words that are easily understood, and yet carry real power to access the hidden reaches of the mind.  These CDs hold the key to resolving problems and achieving your true potential in a way that is all too uncommon in our society – even in psychology itself.  This is a rare opportunity not to be missed.

MR, Psychiatrist and author in the human potential movement

Destiny By Design’, as taught by Dr Todd Pressman, is a fascinating, broad, and deep exploration of the human soul.  It is based in a lifetime of research and learning, by someone who has clearly been studying the path of self-discovery and personal fulfillment for decades.   However, it is much more than that. 

     Through this quest, one learns how to find out what is at the core of one’s self.  In my family, when we talk to our children about how their day was, we ask them to tell us about their “Roses and thorns”, or the good and bad parts of their day.  Destiny By Design uncovers the roses and thorns of our souls.  It is only when we see these aspects of ourselves (the Chinese may call it yin and yang, the Japanese in and yo) that we can embrace them and at the same time, choose a path not dictated by them. 

      I believe that I am a practical person, therefore, I am tempted to say that Destiny By Design is a practical path toward the discovery of what motivates an individual, and guides one toward achieving a fulfilled, meaningful, and powerful life.  To me, that sounds like high praise.  In fact, there is nothing “practical” about this program.  Dr Pressman, through the use of innumerable examples, citations, and exercises will lead you through an exploration of your soul.  As you peel back layers and layers of yourself, you will find out what is keeping you from your destiny, and you will learn how to design or discover your true destiny (self). 

     This program is invaluable.  Whether you already operate effectively, and are fulfilled, or if you are seeking more in life, the insights you develop will carry you well beyond any expectations you may have had for yourself.

     Do not wait to begin this program.  When you finish, you will rue every minute of your delay.

M.R., Certified Energy Consultant, Black belt in Aikido

Within minutes of listening to Dr. Pressman’s CD ‘The Anxiety Miracle”, I was comforted to know that all of the situations and circumstances I’ve become so afraid to even think about can be met in the eye and diluted.  In addition, the partner CD, The ‘Anxiety Emergency Miracle’, had me recognize just how often I put myself into an anxious state  – how we all put ourselves in anxious states – and that there really is an opportunity to turn the wheel and release myself from fear…at any time, anywhere.  I am grateful to have these tools and now feel a greater sense of confidence and ease in knowing that the techniques to disintegrate my anxiety is within me.

R.E.O.,Director of Development/Public Health Agency

Destiny By Design’ is an inspiring CD which provides the listener with an extraordinary opportunity to realize the possibilities for ones own life. Through a series of exciting stories,parables, history telling and exercises, Dr Pressman floods us with inspiring examples of ways in which others have found deep meaning and joy in their existence. He facilitates an opportunity for us to join with the great masters on our own journey/quest to find what is most meaningful in our lives. We learn how we may live unencumbered by the past or the  “stories”we tell ourselves. This freedom provides a foundation from which we can move out of self-imposed limitations to a life of clarity, purpose and joy.

Anyone wishing to shed the cloak of  fear, anxiety, sadness or boredom in their lives must give themselves the gift of this exciting program.  It might just change your life

J.D., Psychotherapist

Executive Coaching

My work with The Center for Management Excellence has greatly improved my quality of life both personally and in business….[I have] more than doubled my productivity with greater than doubling of gross bills and increase in profits with minimal increase in costs. Customer relations have improved significantly with increase in staff’s productivity as well.  Greater peace of mind has allowed growth in different directions with ease of releasing business which was not profitable.  The company is now beginning its expansion on a nationwide level.

R.D.,Physician, President of group of seven Radiology offices

I started working with the Center for Management Excellence in the fall of 1999….The legal profession is the ultimate test of a man’s patience, confidence, and ability to maintain a healthy balance in life. The Center for Management Excellence has helped me to adapt and see things clearly. This is difficult in a profession where all sides seek the truth, but rarely encounter it….Management is results-oriented….The Center for Management Excellence has helped me become a better manager of my life and my life path. This, in turn, has made me a better…attorney. Their principles are invaluable. I recommend their approach because I have lived their approach.

M.P., Attorney

My work with The Center for Management Excellence has been a critical element of my professional success….We have focused on a number of key areas [including]…helping me to identify and eliminate barriers that arise to optimal performance… and implementing specific action plans to fulfill my goals and objectives by making use of my strengths and minimizing or managing any gaps….I wholeheartedly recommend the Center for Management Excellence for your management development program.

P.W., Principal of Consulting Firm

The Center for Management Excellence and their executive coaching skills have enabled me to experience my business in a completely new way….I have learned to identify my strengths and weakness, as well as those of my staff. We now work as a team, coming from a place of personal empowerment for the betterment of ourselves and those whom we serve. These coaching skills have helped me develop a business that runs at its optimum, and still have time for a personal life. They have enabled me to cut my work hours by over 25% and still receive the benefits of working full time. I would recommend the Center for Management Excellence for anyone who wants to find the balance between running a successful business and maintaining a personal life … and most of all to decrease the stress and enjoy life from all perspectives.

AHK, Owner, Child Development Learning Center

The Center for Management Excellence (CME) played a pivotal role in the recent advancement of my professional life….With their help I was able to clearly and effectively move forward in areas that previously had been blocked. The benefits were immediate and profound: work became fun, I was making more money, my working relationships improved and I had a renewed, more exciting game plan for the future

A.L., President/Owner, Professional Organizing Company


I found Radical Joy to be the missing link in my quest for personal growth.  I now have the tools needed to move out of the ‘fear voice’ that tells me I’m unable to experience fulfillment in work, relationships, family and life in general.  I recommend this book to anyone wishing to recapture their dream; no matter what stood in the way, it can be healed and the dream can still manifest.

G.P., Holistic Nurse

I read your book every night before I go to sleep and have figured out my core fear, thanks to your handy instructions. I am seeing all the ways I have acted in my life in response to the core fear.

SS, Events Manager

This book is a gripping account of healing , in which a damaged soul moves from a state of profound fragmentation toward integration and wholeness.  This book is a testimony to the resilience of the human spirit, and to the effectiveness of compassionate, wise therapy.

Larry Dossey, MD

This book brings to light that joy is a real and exciting way to live our lives, experience peace and let go of the fear that has blocked these treasures all along.  [An] easy to follow path to the ultimate goal we all search for.  I will recommend it highly.

L.P., School teacher

[“Radical Joy” is] beautifully written and compassionately walks the reader through their fears and trauma, in order to fully embody their true creative spirit and strengths

W.M., Book Publisher

Forty-seven years go when I read Lolita, I was stunned at the idea of sexual abuse of a child and the remarkable circumstances of that unique book.  Medical School did not prepare me for the concept. Then came Sybil, even more clearly establishing horrendous parental abuse as the cause of “split” personalities. The insane belief and behavior of many “fundamentalist” men
and the remarkably high incidence of sexual abuse remind us that society is failing all too many Angelas. A talented therapist, such as Todd, reveals the potential for hope in resolving these complex issues. Kudos for a job
well done

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D, President, Holos University Graduate Seminary, Founding President, American Holistic Medical Association, Author of "Life Beyond 100—Secrets of the Fountain of Youth

Your book changed my life

MJ, Reader




This new book is an exciting chronicle of a personal therapeutic journey through one of the most fascinating mental disorders.  The authors blaze new trails in discussing the holistic dimension of multiple personality disorder.  I thoroughly recommend this book for anyone interested in the great unsolved mysteries of the mind.

Raymond Moody, M.D., author of "Life After Life"

The Bicycle Repair Shop’ is a captivating story, all the more engrossing because it actually happened.  I was impressed by Dr. Todd Pressman’s sensitivity as a psychotherapist, and by Angela’s account of her experience as a client.  This team has produced a tale that has something to teach each of its readers; for me, I learned that the discovery of love is the missing piece in the calico quilt of many people’s lives.  It is also the necessary piece in all too many clients’ recoveries from abuse, cruelty, and other types of wounding.

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., World authority on Dreams, Shamanism and Consciousness. Co-editor

 Seminars For Mental

Health Professionals

Very informative and interesting with great examples and videos


The activities themselves were helpful; the presenter did a good job involving others in the process.


I loved the little stories to illustrate the points

S.S., Ph.D.

Content of presentation was excellent.

T.B., Ph.D.

[What did you learn that was new or different?  How and/or will this information change how you practice?] How to quickly target source of anxiety.


Very interesting


This was one of the best seminars I have attended

E.I., Ph.D.



Excellent, Thank you!


Dr. Pressman is a dynamic speaker who knows his material well


Very interesting…..a good deal of information……..interesting integration of eastern thought and western psychology

R.B., Psychologist

Very good conference.  Information discussed new ways of treating anxiety and defense mechanisms and providing one with ways to have greater life fulfillment.  Different strategies on treating anxiety and getting to the “core issue”.  It will help patients.


I thought it was a great lecture…I learned new tools on how to deconstruct my anxiety


Informative, experiential learning was helpful….I appreciated 1 on 1 Q/A for better understanding of the material

C.G., MA

Excellent workshop.   Dr. Pressman was very likeable, answered all questions respectfully and was easy to learn from.   I liked learning more about the derivatives of anxiety and I enjoyed Dr. Pressman’s bringing in some Buddhist philosophy where it applied.

M.H., SW

Todd Pressman gave a delightful presentation of a great deal of Information.  Could well have extended to a second day. Learned another way of looking at and working with anxiety.  It enhances my practice….[I would like] more from Todd Pressman….Todd Pressman  held our interest to the very end.


The speaker really engaged the audience during discussion.  The examples and exercises to resolve anxiety were very helpful.


Enlightened, passionate teacher


Trainer did very well in attempting to do exercises with such a large group.  Would love to benefit from doing this in a smaller group…. Learned new helpful techniques.


I enjoyed this work shop a great deal, specifically the spiritual and holistic approach to treating and coping with anxiety….[I learned that] all of our fears are a direct result of our core fear.

S.R., MS School

Thank you.


It was good to be reminded of the importance of systematic steps to address resistance to fears.  Appreciate his reminders that we must get to the heart of the matter with our patients, their core fear and their chief defenses.  Without understanding and addressing that, there is no meaningful improvement.


The presenter knew his material…. I learned that at the root of anxiety & depression is a core fear and core defense. The mindfulness, alchemist & warrior’s stance techniques were informative. Overall the presentation was informative and Dr. Pressman is very passionate about his approach to understanding & treating the core fear of clients presenting with anxiety disorders.


[What I learned that was new or different and will use in my practice is:] the whole issue of defenses and how important a role they play in our lives – when  I speak with caregivers, I now have a new tool to help the caregiver understand their care receivers and themselves better, hence improving the overall caregiving experience.



S.M., M.D.--Psychiatrist

Thoroughly enjoyed Todd Pressman’s seminar and found it very informative and useful.  He is a very good speaker and I would attend further seminars given by him!


Dr. Pressman was very well versed in the subject matter and skillfully lead us through exercises to further demonstrate the material.


Great tools and understanding of anxiety.  Presenter is very knowledgeable…. I thought the exercises taught were powerful. I can’t wait to use them with my clients….“The Witness “ [exercise] was so powerful for me and so timely. I had just received a very alarming email from my family of origin in crisis. I was filled with anxiety but since doing this exercise, it is gone!


I was very happy with the presentation and felt that the presenter developed a unique integration of theories and plan of action for treating anxiety.


The lecture and topic were fascinating


Everything was very informative….I learned new ways of combatting anxiety.  I can apply activities in practice


Really excellent seminar

FK, Ph.D.

I have heard nothing but “happy” on the event last week…everyone loved it

KN, office manager, Seminar producer

Presenter was knowledgeable and approachable


Very interesting; good audience participation which enhanced the presentation.


Dr. Pressman was one of the best teachers I ever had for a professional training conference….I would like to take additional workshops with Dr. Pressman.


It went very well. It was well organized, professionally presented and the presenter was very open to the input from the participants. I learned about some interventions and techniques that could be applied to working with clients


One of the best seminars I’ve attended.  Dr. Pressman is wonderful!  Very professional, kind and great ability to teach the material.  A specific way to access one’s core fear as well as methods to work through this fear/anxiety.  Again, I really enjoyed this seminar and think Dr. Pressman is excellent.

S.H., Ed.D

I enjoyed the practical application and guided meditations.  The core fears were very informative and make a lot of sense in my every day practice. They can be applied to every client. Very interesting course. I would take more courses by this presenter


Excellent presentation, effort to address all questions


Interesting. Great presenter.


[I learned] where anxiety comes from, the roots of it.


Instructor was very organized and detailed….[I learned] a lot.


[What I learned that will change the way I practice was:] The “digging for gold” approach to enabling the patient to access their “core fear(s).”


[What I learned that I will use in my practice:] Digging for core fear and identifying core defenses


I liked the integration of Eastern philosophy and having participants engaged in activities.  [I learned and will use] concepts around a core fear as a root of all other fears.


I think the model that was presented could be well utilized in private practice….The process of working towards the core fear was very valuable.  I used it yesterday with a patient I have been seeing for some time and discovered a traumatic early event that I had never before heard about which directly relates to her core fear.  I am excited to continue with the model.  Really looking forward to the book!… Dr. Pressman was a terrific presenter and I would attend another presentation with him.

C.W., LMHC, LPsy

I am anxious to try and use the new information and tools with my own clients.


Excellent training


Very informative. Nothing could have been improved in my opinion.


Very effective. Hands on learning of techniques was beneficial…[ What topics or presenters would you like to see at future CE presentations?:] Continuation of the approaches used by Dr. Pressman 


Instructor was excellent.  [What did you learn that was new or different?  How and/or will this information change how you practice?]  A whole different perspective on anxiety

J.B., Ph.D.

New theory of anxiety, treatment goals, exercises


Thank you…good job!


I found this seminar very enriching personally


I highly recommend mental health professionals, allied health professionals and lay persons interested in learning about an effective technique for addressing anxiety, depression and irrational fears. I will definitely be incorporating it into my training and practice


Well presented


My impression was overall excellent. The content was helpful….I liked the three questions to deconstruct anxiety and to get into the defenses…The presentation’s content met my expectation and worth my money.:)  I also liked the serenity reflected in Dr. Pressman.


A new perception of looking at anxiety disorders and the formation of personalities . New tools to be integrated into my practice….[I would like] more of Dr. Pressman’s interventions


My overall impression of the activity was very positive.  The presenter was very knowledgeable concerning the material.


[I was glad to] be there in person….Confirmed understanding of how with certain patients anxiety is a needed defense….Thank you.


The information and techniques are very relevant to many of the patients I see, and will be of great value to me in assisting them. It gave me very clearly defined methods for helping patients resolve fear. I will be more effective in treating anxiety.


I found the activity very moving and extremely effective. The practical application exercises went well.  I learned that the most effective treatment is one which includes BOTH the identification of the correct insight and the use of the appropriate action.  Much of what I learned works well with my current practices and philosophies/theoretical base. I will incorporate the new digging for gold technique in my technique….I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. The technique is one that I have faith in and will definitely use both in my practice with others as well as in addressing any of my own issues and fears.


Well presented material. The speaker clearly had a deep understanding of the model he was presenting. The idea of chief anxieties was new to me – I will consider this in my conceptualization of patients.

M.Q., Ph.D., LMHC

The activity utilized visualization-type exercises.  This was helpful to experience the process as it could take place when working with clients. The entire process was new.  It is another technique to try or include when dealing with clients who are faced with anxiety.


This was the only course taken that I actually felt I got my money’s worth! Should be 2 days!!! All the content was most helpful!


It was excellent.  I learned how to go deeper into my patients’ psyche to explore their fears creating their anxiety. Excellent all around!


[I will use in my practice] the structure of the questioning towards chief fear


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