Deconstructing Anxiety: The Journey from Fear to Fulfillment

Learn the secrets to resolving anxiety and removing the obstacles to a life of meaning, purpose and fulfillment

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Radical Joy: Awakening Your Potential for True Fulfullment

The capacity for deep joy is our birthright. but somewhere along the line, we become disconnected from it, alienated from our true selves. “Radical Joy” awakens your potential for being fully alive and fulfilled, no matter what the limits of your life circumstances.



HERE’S HOW IT WORKS…First, you will enter the “Doorway of the Mind,” where you will uncover the hidden fears that block your access to happiness- and develop powerful tools for leaving them far behind. Next, you will step through the “Doorway of the Body.” Here you learn techniques that unblock trauma, uncover the sources of illness and pain, and unleash your latent energy. Last, you enter the “Doorway of the Spirit,” a place to get in touch with your true creative power–with remarkable exercises that yield visionary results.

YOU WILL BE INSPIRED…each step along the way by dozens of stories from the lives of the Buddha, St. Francis, Jesus, Gandhi, and Mother Teresa, as well as ordinary men and women.

THE RESULT…is a wondrous journey that allows you to use the full resources of your mind, body and spirit to find the life you’ve been looking for, a life filled with RADICAL JOY!


“Something deep within us stirs when we hear the call to Joy. We have heard it before, at peak moments in our lives, but have not answered. It is said, “the greatest tragedy in life is to die with your music still in you.’ Too often, we live out our ‘lives of quiet desperation’, never tending to the song of the soul. It is time to listen once again for the call to Joy. It is time to start attending to the longing of our depths and the whispering of our hearts. It is time to return to who we truly are, remembering that only Joy is important in the end.

Steven, a 42-year-old construction worker who was severely debilitated after a work accident, transcended his suffering and said: ‘Somewhere along the line I realized that even though I can’t use my body anymore, I have something more than what I had before the accident. There is a peace in me that nothing can take away, and no matter what the limits of my body, I know that life holds incredible riches and discovery in the littlest of things. It’s all a great big adventure! Ordinary people are discovering an extraordinary fact: That Joy, radical Joy, is possible no matter what the limits of circumstances.”



“The enormous power that comes from knowing your core fear is not to be underestimated. It literally holds the promise of changing your life….It will become the primary tool in your dealing effectively with life on an ongoing basis…. To begin, pick some problem in your life….Write out your problem on the left side of the first line on your paper. On the right side, write down a specific question to help you find the fear ‘underneath’ the problem you’ve just described. There are three forms of this question–choose whichever one is most helpful to you for finding the answer…:

1. Why is this upsetting to me?
2. What am I afraid will happen next?
3. What am I afraid I will miss or lose?

Write one of these questions on the right side of the paper, then record your answer to this question on the left side, underneath the first line. The answer will describe a new problem, a new fear….Again, choose one of the three questions to ask of this new problem and write it on the right side of your paper. Continue this process until you reach the core fear. You will know when you have reached the core when you have a sense of deep recognition, an ‘aha!’, and, often, an emotional release….Look for a feeling of ‘Yes, this is what’s been going on underneath it all, my entire life.’

Here is an example of an actual session:

FEAR: I’m afraid to commit to my girlfriend and marry her.
QUESTION: Why is that upsetting to me?

FEAR: If I marry her, I’ll feel trapped.
QUESTION: What am I afraid will happen next?

FEAR: I won’t get to do what I want in life.
QUESTION: What am I afraid I will miss or lose?

FEAR: I’d lose the chance to find true meaning.
QUESTION: Why is that upsetting to me?

FEAR: I’ll never be completely fulfilled.
QUESTION: What am I afraid will happen next?

FEAR: My life would be empty.
QUESTION: Why is that upsetting to me?

FEAR: It feels like I wouldn’t count.
QUESTION: What am I afraid I will miss or lose?

CORE FEAR: I feel this incredible passion, this love for life, and I want to share that and make a difference. I’d never get to do that.

To learn how this man moved through his fear and discovered his fulfillment “through” marriage, see Chapter 3. To learn the techniques for releasing your core fear and transforming it into your greatest ally, see exercises #1 and #2 in Chapter 4.”

The Bicycle Repair Shop: A True Story of Recovery from Multiple Personality Disorder, as Told by Patient and Therapist

“An Exciting Chronicle of a Personal Therapeutic Journey Through One of The Most Fascinating Mental Disorders.”
Raymond Moody, M.D.. author of “Life After Life”

By Angela fisher & Todd Pressman, Ph.D

Few psychological phenomena are more mysterious and intriguing than Multiple Personality Disorder. Here is the remarkable true story of one woman’s recovery from MPD–from the severe childhood abuses that began her dissociations, to the terrifying decision to “share the family secrets”, and the ultimate freedom that came with discovering a “love that doesn’t hurt”. You will meet some of the more than seventy personalities which made up Angela’s “family”, including Angie, the Boss and “the little ones”. This extraordinary account gives an x-ray view into the workings of a fractured mind, and the therapeutic adventure which led to her triumphal recovery. As such, it is a roadmap for anyone who wants to discover the secrets to true healing and spiritual growth, no matter what their life circumstances.


“In the past, ‘drifting’ meant that someone inside [one of the personalities] wanted to speak. Since I have integrated, the drifting signals that there is somewhere I have to go. Somewhere inside that requires my attention. With Todd’s direction, I allowed myself to drift and went to a horrible place that was full of anger and pain. A place that had never been healed or even acknowledged before this evening. This place was a sanctuary for the ‘little ones’ that died. There were many and each one lived knowing they would die when they could no longer take the pain and fear. They were the back- ups for the other personalities. They never had a name or an existence except for the event for which they came into being. The place looked like a box. No windows or doors. Since those that remained in this box only lived for a very short time, they never materialized and remained purely emotion. And the emotions were violent and strong. As I was becoming more integrated, I was able to see this place inside of me and for the first time, feel real anger.

I described this place to Todd and with his help, was able to see what was needed. What was needed was not more anger, but love and forgiveness. I approached the box and talked to the ones inside. I asked forgiveness for ignoring them for so many years and making believe they did not exist. I told them I loved them…. I thanked them for all of their help and especially for giving up their lives for me. I reminded them that I would never have made it if it weren’t for them. I asked a higher [Source] to enter into the box and give them light. The light was on them, in them and through them. They became one with the Light…and joined the universal energy. Once that was done, I opened the box so they might go to heaven with this ‘Angel’ that had come to guide them Home and become angels themselves. There were thirty-three of them, more than I first thought, and as they left I said my good-byes.

Todd’s commentary

It was a most remarkable session when Angela discovered the place where the little ones with no names had died. As she has said, it was in seeing this place that she was able to feel ‘real anger’ for the first time. This was, in my mind, a moment of great significance. For such anger was only possible once she could put her guilt into proper perspective, no longer stuck on the idea that she was at fault for everything. She was finally able to look instead at the tremendous injury that was done to her (to these dead ones inside). Appropriate anger at the suffering she endured was one of the first experiences of self-love she had been able to achieve.

The anger Angela had been feeling was now revealed to be the anger she felt about the abuse. And as we have said, she had to contact this anger before she could finally say ‘enough’ to the abuse by others and to the abuse of herself (through feeling guilty, etc.). Her anger helped her feel entitled to be released from the pain of the past, to express all that she had held in. Holding in these feelings, she now realized, was hurting her. Her only way out was through letting go, forgiveness of the whole idea of guilt, whether hers or others. All this was done in the interest of her own healing and her own developing self-love; she could not assume an artificial forgiveness that would further bury her pain. Instead, by asking for forgiveness, she successfully released the pain of those inside by transforming her anger into an expression of love and gratitude. The resulting experience was one of great compassion for herself (the ones inside) and the sacrifice she (they) had made to survive. And although it took some time to fully work this out, her compassion eventually extended to others, even her abusers. This is the power and the promise of true healing.”


Destiny by design: how to live with purpose, power and passion

By Todd E. Pressman, Ph.D.

(an 8-CD set, running time: 6 hours 41 minutes)

Are you burned out by the stress and monotony of your daily routine? Have you lost your sense of purpose, living only to survive?  Do you want to know who you really are, what you were meant to do in this life?

The secrets to true fulfillment can seem so far out of reach, buried under a mountain of anxieties and obligations which threatens to swallow us up. But there IS a way to sort through this maze of confusion and pain, to rediscover the joy of living!

In this groundbreaking program, psychologist and author Dr. Todd Pressman lays out a clear, easy-to-follow roadmap for removing the blocks to your happiness and designing the life of your dreams.

Let Dr. Pressman guide you on an incredible journey within to the deep dimensions of your mind. There you will come to know exactly what has been imprisoning you in your life – the hidden fears and limiting beliefs which have sapped you of your vital energy and passion. With dozens of powerful exercises, you will learn how to erase these beliefs and reveal the treasure they were hiding… your true Self, who you really are!

This discovery opens the door to the next part of the program, where you will reawaken the full potential of your mind, body, and spirit and take back control over your life. In the final section, you will design the path to your highest vision with a powerful technique called “The Reverse Maze”, putting your plans into action and begin living in the NOW.

Filled with captivating stories and teaching parables, Destiny by Design is an extraordinary experience for transforming obstacles into opportunities, and living the life you were meant to live!

the anxiety miracle and the anxiety emergency miracle

By Todd E. Pressman, Ph.D.

(a 4-CD set, running time: 2 hours 27 minutes)

Inside this revolutionary audio program you will find a breakthrough blueprint to thoroughly resolving the anxiety in your life, with powerful and reliable tools for real and lasting results.

With this life-changing program in hand, I will share with you proven tools to conquer anxiety by exposing the hidden thoughts buried within the unconscious mind, and provide you with the cutting-edge tools to recapture the joyful life you deserve.

In other words, I will give you the tools to successfully fight back against your anxiety… by getting at the core of the problem.  

This is not like other anxiety management programs, but a powerful and new approach that can truly transform your anxiety for good, and set you on a path to freedom and fulfillment.

The Radical Joy Audio Series: “Adventures in Consciousness”
Four Meditations to Help You on Your Journey

Advanced practices in the ways of Radical Joy, teaching you the tools for transforming suffering and releasing limits.

By Todd E. Pressman, Ph.D.

(One CD for each meditation, approximately 25 minutes per cd)

Behind the Veil of Perception
Perception builds the world we see; it is the architect of our experience and reality. Getting our hands on the controls of perception, then, becomes the way to reclaim authority over our lives, mastering our minds and creating the experience we choose. This is the key to radical Joy!

Remembering Who You Truly Are
Ancient teachings and Wisdom philosophies of all ages remind us that we are not yet in touch with the true Self. This accounts for the restlessness we may feel, the sense that “there must be something more”. In this meditation, we are taken on a guided journey that opens a door in the deep recesses of consciousness, that we may enter through to the memory of who we truly are.

Releasing Fear, Embracing Joy
Fear, in its many disguises, is the only obstacle to Joy. In this tape, the tools are given to penetrate the very causes of fear, that we may release them at their source. With this, nothing stands in the way of our Joy, and we become free to radically express our true Selves, living our highest Vision.

The Return to Oneness
In this meditation, you will return to the moment just before the birth of creation. Hovering above the scene, we remember ourselves as high Witness, ready to move from Oneness into the human experience. With this, we stand at the moment of choice, either to birth a new world or rest in the realm of infinite possibilities. Ultimately, the two merge. We recognize the unity of “here” and “there”, of “heaven” and “earth”, as the Oneness infuses our lives with Joy.

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