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Finding the Gift in Fear: Deconstructing Anxiety for Freedom and Fulfillment.

The “Other” Pandemic: Deconstructing Anxiety in the Time of Covid.

Are You a “Warrior”, an “Alchemist” or a “Witness”? A New Kind of Personality Test.

Cracking the Code of the 5 Core Fears.

How to Unleash your Genius and Live a Wildly Fulfilling Life!

Feeling Like You’ve Lost your Purpose? 3 Strategies for Finding your “Umph”!

Why Getting Everything you Want Won’t Make you Happy…And What Will!

Why positive thinking won’t get rid of your stress, anxiety or depression…and can even make them worse!

Why are women twice as likely to be anxious as men?


November 2021

Everyday Buddha podcast guest interview with Edi Matsumoto on  “Deconstructing Anxiety”

September 2021

Teen Kids News TV guest interview “Senseless Worry in Teens”

December 2020

Awaken Your Alpha podcast guest interview with Adam Lewis Walker “Deconstructing Anxiety and the Peak Experience”

November 2020

Yekukai Business Show guest interview with CEO Yeukai Kajidori “Greatness, Courage, and Vision”

November 2020

Zeta Phi Sorority live webinar with Rutgers University for Mental Health Awareness week “Deconstructing Anxiety”


Coach’s Circle podcast guest interview with Brandon Baker “Deconstructing Anxiety”

September 2020

About the World radio show guest interview with James Loewe “Deconstructing Anxiety”

August 2020 The Urban Collection podcast guest interview with Leonard Birdsong “Deconstructing Anxiety”

August 2020

Wisdom Feed Summit: Surfing the Tsunami of Change guest presenter “Deconstructing Anxiety: The Journey from Fear to Fulfillment”

August 2020

Beyond Confidence podcast guest interview with Divya Parekh “Deconstructing Anxiety”

July 2020

The Frankie Boyer Show guest interview on “Deconstructing Anxiety: A Holistic Approach to Healing”

July 2020

UP Journal quoted in article titled “What to Say to Someone Who is Stressed”

July 2020

Eggshell Transformations podcast guest interview with Imi Lo “Deconstructing Anxiety for the Emotionally Sensitive and Intense”

June 2020

Be Inspired Cafe! live interview with Erice Latrice “Deconstructing Anxiety”

June 2020

Preferred Company Radio Show guest interview with Joel Markel “Deconstructing Anxiety”

June 2020

Core Confidence Podcast guest interview with Dennis Sumlin “Masculine Identity and the Deconstructing Anxiety Method”

June 2020

About the World Radio Show guest interview with Donald Mazella “Deconstructing Anxiety”

June 2020

No Sitting on the Sideline Podcast guest interview with Joseph Foley “Deconstructing Anxiety for Fathers”

June 2020

The Secrets of Success Radio Show WHPC FM guest interview with William Horan “Deconstructing Anxiety”

June 2020

WMMR Radio guest interview with Lora Lewis “Deconstructing Anxiety in the Time of COVID”

May 2020

Quest for the Best Podcast guest interview with Bill Ringle “Deconstructing Anxiety for the Small Business Owner”

May 2020

Talk with Francesca Radio Show guest interview with Francesca Luca “Deconstructing Anxiety”

May 2020

The Jiggy Jaguar Radio Show guest interview with James Loew “Deconstructing Anxiety”

May 2020

The Rob Kall Bottoms Up Show guest interview with Rob Kall “Deconstructing Anxiety”

May 2020

The Core Confidence Podcast guest interview with Dennis Sumlin “Deconstructing Anxiety”

January 2020

The Neal Steele Radio Show WXGM Radio Williamsburg, VA guest interview “Deconstructing Anxiety”

January 2020

The Morning Show with Host Chuck Kramer WEAG Radio Jacksonville, FL guest interview “Deconstructing Anxiety”

January 2020

Bill Lusby Morning Show WNAV Radio Baltimore, MD guest interview “Deconstructing Anxiety”

January 2020

Frankie Boyer Lifestyle Show BizTalk Radio Nationwide “Deconstructing Anxiety”

January 2020

Drive Time Radio Show WKCT Radio “Deconstructing Anxiety

December 2019

Think, Act, Be podcast guest interview with Seth Gillihan

December 2019

The PurposeGirl podcast guest interview “Understanding and Managing Anxiety”

September 2019

Shrink Rap Radio guest interview with David Van Nuys “Deconstructing Anxiety”

May 2018 Street Wisdom guest interview with Steve Stein “Deconstructing Anxiety”

February 2018

Spaced Out Radio guest interview with Dave Scott “Deconstructing Anxiety: A Powerful New Approach to Moving Through Anxiety and Finding Fulfillment”

October 2017 blog post “Lessons in Radical Joy: Answering the Call of Carpe Diem”

May 2017

Evolve Radio guest interview  with Robin Lysne

May 1994-February 2017

 National Tour of radio interviews on various topics in holistic psychology

May 2009

Philadelphia Business Journal article “The ‘Sexy’ Approach for Breakthrough Coaching Results”

February 1995-July 2003

Inner Realm Magazine monthly column on Holistic Psychotherapy

May 2002

Common Ground Magazine article “Food and Addiction: A New Strategy for Healing”

December 2001

Common Ground Magazine article “The September 11 Crisis: Responding with Our Spiritual Ideals”

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